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Chapter 2

Project Execution Plan


1. General
In order to execute the project, Partner will establish the project task force team such as Engineering an Management Team in head office and construction and site Acquisition Management Team in center of each area, which will advise later.The Project Team headed by the Project Manager will control the said team timely, quality, reliability and efficiently.The following subsection describes highlights of Partner planed approach to he execution activities required for the Project.
2. Project Schedule
Project schedules shall be submit to OWNER after the company has negotiated contract agreement

3. Project Engineering Team

Project Engineering and Administration performed for the project shall consist of defining, planning, coordination and checking overall schedule.a) Engineering and Drafting
Engineering Team shall design to comply with standard and code that correspondence to customer, standard Drawing and calculation need shall be provide. The following is some drawing to be provide.
3.1 Site Mapping
3.2 Tower
3.3 Side View
3.4 Tower Elevation
3.5 General Arrangement of Tower
3.6 Antenna Mounting Detail
3.7 Equipment Layout Plan
3.8 Single Line Diagram
3.9 Etc.b) Planning & Scheduling of Project
Planning & Schedule engineer shall work closely the project. He will monitor and control project to meet schedulec) Material Managementd) Cost Control (Accounting, Payment, etc)e) Document for payment (invoice etc.) & Weekly Report etc.Weekly report, which shows project progress, shall be provided to OWNER every week.
4. Project Site Preparation Team
Site preparation team shall performed to complete civil work, tower, electricity installation, lighting system, grounding system, cable ladder, air-conditioning, alarm, site security system and all relevant.The temporary facilities (office, stockyard, etc.) and work forces for construction will distribute and manage as follow: -a) Temporary Facilities
If Client supplied area for temporary facility in client's estate area, in cas we will provide the one temporary facility such as site office, material stockyard & shop yard etc.If not available, one temporary facility will provide at the center of each project area.b) Work crew for Site Preparation work will plan as follow: -
Tower Installation One Team (per site)
- Tower erection crew
-Tower painting crew
- Grounding and Lighting work crew
Equipment Room One Team (per site)
- Civil/Building work crew
- Electrical work crew
- Other work crew
5. Project Installation TeamInstallation Team
shall install and commissioning of Radio & Microwave equipment, which supplied by OWNER
Indoor Installation One Team (per site)
- Antenna Installation crew
- Feeder running crew
- BTS installation crew
6. Permit Plan Partner
shall be assist for obtaining permits and approval by Government authorities or agencies for Site Preparation and Installation Work.a) Site Preparation (Bangkok Area)
Permission document shall be submitted for information to Civil Department of Local Government for each area incases of building not over 4 stories if not shall submitted to Head Office of Civil Department of Bangkok Metropolitanb) Site Preparation (Other Area)
Permission document shall be submitted for information to Sub-district of each area.c) Road Permission
In case of planning to join a new road from base station site to existing high way, the permission document shall be submitted to High Way Department.d) Electrical Application
For Bangkok, Samutprakarn, Prathumthani and Nonthaburi area the application shall be performed at MEA (Metropolitan Electricity Authority) if not shall be at PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority.)
7. Material Management Plan
Material Management shall be carried-out by Engineering Group in Bangkok Head Office. Material Management shall be carried out to obtain and evaluate competitive bids form Qualified vendor for the equipment and materials, which are to be furnished in accordance with the timing established by the project schedule.Material Management shall consist of the following documents and reports being prepared: -

1. Equipment and Material Bidders list
2. Material Requisition and Specification
3. Request for Quotation
4. Bid evaluation and recommendations
5. Purchase Requisition and Other
6. Checking of Material Delivery Schedule, Inspection & Expedition of Material
7. Delivery Notice to Site Office
8. Material Management
Notices and ReportMaterial Control at Job Site shall consist of the followings: -
1. Receiving Inspection
2. Material Storage (Warehouse and/or Open Area)
3. Inventory Control
4. Material Identification
5. Material Distribution

6. Material Handing
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